My Research

The Role of Blurry Backgrounds as Nudges Towards Riskier Options

This paper takes on the question of how the use of a blurry background, relative to a sharp background, of a company’s commercial webpage may nudge consumers to make risky decisions/choices.

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The Effects of Glossy Versus Matte Imagery on Purchase Decisions: The Mediating Role of Optimism and Risk

This paper examines how exposure to glossy imagery activates two diverging abstract concepts—optimism and risk—through metaphorical associations, which in turn increases or decreases consumers’ purchase behavior.

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Instagrammably Visual: The Impact of Social Media Logos on Aesthetically-driven Consumption

In this paper, I explore the impact of visual logos of social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, Instagram) in marketing communications on consumers' visually-driven choices.

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